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Why is reading so important?

Enjoying reading ​

  • Developing positive attitudes towards reading can play a key role in children’s    development:​
  • “Young people who enjoy reading very much are nearly five times as likely to read above the expected level for their age compared with young people who do not enjoy reading at all.”  National Literacy Trust 2012​
  • Reading for pleasure has a positive impact on children’s attainment.​
  • “Developing a love of reading can be more important for a child’s educational success than their socio-economic background.” OECD2002
  • Research shows that children who enjoy reading achieve more highly right across the curriculum.
  • Reading is a passport to the world. Reading opens children up to ideas, experiences, places and times they might never experience in real life. Reading gives opportunities to learn about a multitude of things that cannot be covered by a school curriculum. (Oxford School Improvement) ​


  • Many children do enjoy reading but it is now “pushed out” in favour of other activities. ​
  • Ofsted too found that there was insufficient time spent in some schools on wider reading or reading for pleasure. So we are aiming to embed a culture of reading into the classroom.​


  • The Reading Curriculum - How do we teach reading at Weaverthorpe?​
  • Guided reading ​
  • Independent reading​
  • Listening to an adult read aloud​
  • Whole class English lessons​
  • Reading to acquire knowledge
  • Phonics​
  • Reading 1:1 with an adult​


  • ​Through all of these we are not only teaching children how to read and helping them understand the text, we are endeavouring to develop a love of reading. ​