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Our curriculum will give children:

  • An excellent knowledge and understanding of people, events and contexts from a range of historical periods and of historical concepts.
  • A passion for history and an enthusiastic engagement in learning, which develops curiosity, the ability to think, debate, reflect, discuss, question and evaluate the past. 
  • The ability to think critically about history and confidently share and explain ideas.
  • A respect for historical evidence and an ability to use it to support and explain ideas and judgements when reflecting on the past. Using primary and secondary resources, materials and artefacts.
  • Deeper knowledge and understanding through visits, workshops and experiences
  • Developed cross curricular links and connect with the local and wider community to extend knowledge of local history and the immediate environment 
  • A deeper understanding of the world and locality we live in today and how history has helped to shape that.


Our curriculum will be experienced through:

  • Our long-term plan which is based on the Cornerstones model and enables us over a twoyear (R/KS1) and four-year cycle (KS2) to cover all National Curriculum objectives.
  • Planning is differentiated by class groupings (4-year groups) with the possibility of differentiating further for specific year group targets, and to meet pupil needs.
  • Strong and definite links between English, maths and science where appropriate and the theme of the project.
  • Specific language and vocabulary taught through knowledge organisers and communication, speech and language opportunities being fully exploited. 
  • Teachers and support staff having a sound subject knowledge of the curriculum and projects being taught.
  • Educational trips, visits, workshops that are planned and arranged to engage and further the children’s’ learning, skills and enthusiasm for history. 
  • Locally based resources, sites and artefacts exploited and used readily and frequently.


Our curriculum will give the pupils:

  • An engaging curriculum that will provide motivation to learn, to develop further skills and knowledge and understanding allowing them to make good or better progress.
  • A developed love of writing for a purpose and an interest in reading for information and pleasure from different styles and genres.
  • An increased knowledge of the world and the country and locality that they live in.
  • Cross curricular links that are made to develop children’s’ vocabulary and knowledge

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