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Design and Technology


Our curriculum will give children:

  • Opportunities for creativity by planning ambitiously and creating to match their designs.  
  • A passion for design technology and knowledge of innovations in materials, products and systems.
  • The ability to manage risks well and to make products safely, effectively and hygienically.                 
  • The ability to use knowledge and make links to other areas of learning and the curriculum                                           (maths, science, English, topic).                                                                                                                                           
  • The ability to work with others, research, show initiative, question, design, use tools, materials and equipment to create and make products sustainably and effectively.                                                
  • Provide opportunities for children to practice and develop skills taught through play and practical based activities and clubs.


Our curriculum will be experienced through:

  • Projects that are carefully designed across the school in planned cycles to promote creative teaching and make links in learning across the curriculum.
  • Children are taught a skills based D & T curriculum through projects including - sewing, baking, planning, designing, constructing and deconstructing (winding mechanisms and pulleys, turning axles, puppet making).
  • D & T lessons are used as a platform to apply maths, science, English and sustainable living (PHSCE) skills and knowledge.
  • Children are encouraged to investigate and problem solve, so developing perseverance and resilience.
  • Staff support and offer guidance to one another on how to deliver effective opportunities for learning competently and confidently.
  • Teaching skills, safety and the need for accurate planning are prioritised but constraints are not applied to the pupils’ creativity. 
  • Neat and orderly presentation of all work also applies to D & T to ensure planning and designs are clear and is encouraged throughout the school.
  • Long Term Planning ensures coverage and completion of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum requirements as well as individuality of the project approach.
  • Differentiation will be evident in classes due to the mixed age groups.
  • Specific vocabulary, language, names and terminology will be used in sessions.


Our curriculum will give pupils:

  • Opportunities to extend their learning in curriculum projects in a creative but purposeful way. 
  • They are enthusiastic with regard to their learning and become increasingly more skilled and accurate in measuring, planning & using tools
  • Motivation through the teaching of safety and key skills and the practical opportunities available in  D & T. 
  • The chance to draw upon previous learning and skills taught and mastered. They begin to attempt more complex designs and make more individual decisions each year.
  • Resilience and independence. They start to see the importance of researching and modelling to alleviate errors and make improvements.
  • Play based activities, in EYFS and KS1, to help develop knowledge and skills (such as junk modelling, variation in malleable materials and use of tools to develop dexterity and strength). 
  • The opportunity for all to make good or better progress and become confident and resilient learners.
  • An understanding of diversity, environmental considerations, aesthetics and the opportunities for social mobility through their work.

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